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Ted Arkfeld

Dr. Ted A. Arkfeld is a 1988 graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN. The decision to become a chiropractor was an easy one after growing up in what Dr. Arkfeld calls, “A chronic pain family”. His father was involved in a motor vehicle crash that ultimately resulted in three unsuccessful spinal fusions that left him on total disability. It was after the last surgery that his father turned to chiropractic treatment for relief of his chronic lower back pain.

As a high school athlete playing both football and baseball, and then collegiate baseball, Dr. Arkfeld experienced the benefits of chiropractic care during his playing days. This love for sports and chiropractic has guided him the past 16-years as the team chiropractor for Gaylord High School football and basketball programs.

Always the student, Dr. Arkfeld has returned to the classroom numerous times for advanced degrees and certifications that allows him to provide the most current research based treatment protocols for his patients.

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