Arkfeld Advanced Chiropractic

Treating Pain, Empowering Performance

We are a neurologically based chiropractic office focusing on enhancing neurological performance of your brain and spine. We offer leading edge therapies to relieve pain, empower movement, and balance your nervous system. These same treatments can be found at large universities, and sports medicine departments in all pro sports.

ARPneuro Therapy

ARP stands for Accelerated • Recovery • Performance. ARPneuro Therapy treatment decreases chronic pain, increases range of motion, accelerates recovery time and improves physical performance – all without drugs of any kind! This innovative therapy is different than every other type of pain treatment. All other therapies treat the physical symptoms and only provide temporary relief. ARPneuro Therapy finds and treats the source of that pain, where it originated, and eliminates the physiological pain.

Expert Care for Every Need

Pain Treatment

Our first goal is to get you out of pain as soon as possible. We offer the most comprehensive array of treatment modalities to accomplish this goal in Northern Michigan. It all starts with an extensive history and evaluation to determine the exact cause of your pain.
Chiropractic Northern Michigan

Sports Performance
and Recovery

Our revolutionary neurologically based approach to treatment of sports related injuries allows fast recovery and return to participation. Not injured but want to enhance performance in your sport? We take a unique approach starting with evaluating your brain with our Neuroinfinity Diagnostic Equipment and then proceed to a functional movement analysis. If you are not moving correctly either due to neurological imbalance or flexibility issues, you will continue to train improperly and increase the risk of injury. More importantly, you will never realize your full neurological performance and thus not reach your true potential.

Unlock Your Brain's Abilities

Cutting Edge Treatment Options

BrainTap Techonologies

Allows us to activate your brain’s peak potential. Guided relaxation changes your brain from Beta (High Alert) to Alpha and into Theta Waves (relaxation and into a sleeping state) in order to avoid neurological imbalances.

RockTape Products

When we apply RockTape to your skin, thousands of nerve receptors are now firing information to your brain. If we can get the brain to focus on the RockTape then it cannot turn its attention to the painful part.


A rapid recovery system that provides a competitive edge for athletes and pain relief for leg fatigue, sciatica, hip stiffness, arm pain, and plantar fasciitis to name just a few.


Neurostimulation is a proven non-opioid pain treatment solution that provides instant, long lasting pain relief, blocking the transmission of pain signals in the nociceptors of your brain.

Hivamat 200

Provides deep tissue penetrating oscillating resonance vibration to relax sore and stiff muscles, alleviates pain, improves healing, enhances circulation and improves mobility.

Motion Guidance

One of our main tools in the Neurological Performance Program. Patients find it fun and engaging, providing visual feedback during active rehabilitation sessions.

Get Peak Neurological Performance

Arkfeld Chiropractic Expands to East Jordan!


We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new clinic in East Jordan on Monday afternoon.